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Effects of Pomegranate

According to researches the pomegranate antioxidant effect is three times greater than red wine or green tea. It contains big quantities of polyphenols, vitamin C, Flavonoids and fructose. One of the richest source of ellagic acid. The pomegranate has a good effect for demulcent and stabilizing the immune system. It helps to keep elasticity of vessel walls so it ensures the proper flow of the blood. It decreases the LDL cholesterol and the plaque on blood vessels thereby helps to prevent arteriosclerosis.

Although it contains fructose, but it won’t increases the blood sugar level. According to research results, the pomegranate concentrate able to prevent diabetes, because it decreases the insulin resistance, which is one of the diabetes risk factor, growth of certain types of cancer, mainly skin cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer caused by smoking, and for cervical cancer and prostate cancer.

It helps the healthy bowel movement, it has a calming effect to the stomach. It is rich in iron, so it is also effective against chlorosis.

According to the latest researches the metabolites of biomolecules the Urolitin A, helps to slow down certain aging processes.

The polyphenols which can be found in pomegranate is: tannins, quercetines, anthocyanins, and ellagic acids proven strong in cancer prevention. It can improve the survival of healthy cells, and the devastation of the cancer cells. It prevents the grows of tumors, and the increases of metastases.

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